SaskSoftware Solutions - Management Systems

Management Systems

Fully integrated management systems to manage a business function or an entire business from sales to employees, clients, assets, billings and more.

SaskSoftware Solutions - Electronic/Mobile Forms

Electronic/Mobile Forms

Convert and centralize paper forms into cloud and mobile formats to increase accessibility and reduce multiple data entry. All data is stored in a central database.

SaskSoftware Solutions - Custom Databases

Custom Databases

Store and manage data including: client information, employee records, sales records, job records, asset records, operational data, form information and more.

SaskSoftware Solutions - Customer Self Service

Customer Self Service

Allow customers to access account services from records to service requests, bills, changes and more. Increase customer access while decreasing cost of support.

SaskSoftware Solutions - Custom Reporting and Data Mining

Custom Reporting and Data Mining

Using data from the central database for custom reports and data mining to increase business intelligence and timeliness of key information.

SaskSoftware Solutions - Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

The mobility and functions of smartphones and tablets allow for applications ranging from timecards and sales management to work orders and more.