Our custom software systems are priced based the complexity of the system requirements and the time required for development and configuration.

Total Investment?

A company wide management software system is an investment in terms of cost and time. We work closely with the client to maximize return-on-investment and to ensure the fastest and easiest implementation process possible.


The reason that businesses choose SaskSoftware is because we customize and custom develop each system based on each client`s business in terms of management, operation and workflow. This ensures maximum efficiency and minimizes training and disruption to the business.

Equipment and Hardware?

Our management software systems are all cloud based and accessible over the internet from desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones without requiring additional equipment or hardware purchases. All data is stored on a secured cloud environment and is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Size Limitation?

As a fully customizable and configurable system, our systems can grow with your business to any size with any number of employees. Our current clients range from 30 to 3000 employees.

Custom Programming?

As a customized system, we continually work with each of our clients to increase operational efficiency over the life of the system. Over the years, this unique relationship arrangement has saved our clients millions of dollars in administrative and operational costs.