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NCS Custom Software is part of NumaCorp and has specialized in developing custom software solutions for businesses and organizations for almost 20 years. In addition to the technology itself, we focus on providing hands on training, customer service and technical support for every system we build. From digital forms and records to managing jobs, estimates, employees, equipment, inventory, clients and more, we help clients to save time and reduce costs by streamlining and automating their processes and procedures across their operations.

Starting with an initial consultation through to planning, development, deployment, training, and support. Our consultants ensure the successful delivery of every project, while our support team ensures system upkeep and integrity.

With over 300 projects and almost 20 years of experience, we are proud to have become one of the leading custom software developers in Western Canada and we look forward to bringing our experience and expertise to your business.

Services and Solutions

SaskSoftware Solutions - Management Systems

Management Systems

Fully integrated management systems to manage a business function or an entire business from sales to employees, clients, assets, billings and more.

SaskSoftware Solutions - Electronic/Mobile Forms

Electronic/Mobile Forms

Convert and centralize paper forms into cloud and mobile formats to increase accessibility and reduce multiple data entry. All data is stored in a central database.

SaskSoftware Solutions - Custom Databases

Custom Databases

Store and manage data including: client information, employee records, sales records, job records, asset records, operational data, form information and more.

SaskSoftware Solutions - Customer Self Service

Customer Self Service

Allow customers to access account services from records to service requests, bills, changes and more. Increase customer access while decreasing cost of support.

SaskSoftware Solutions - Custom Reporting and Data Mining

Custom Reporting and Data Mining

Using data from the central database for custom reports and data mining to increase business intelligence and timeliness of key information.

SaskSoftware Solutions - Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

The mobility and functions of smartphones and tablets allow for applications ranging from timecards and sales management to work orders and more.

Types of Applications We Have Built

These are some of the software applications we have developed for clients along with some of the functions and features in the system. But since we custom build each system based on a specific client's needs and requirements, the individual systems will differ with each project.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our custom software systems are priced based the complexity of the system requirements and the time required for development and configuration.

Total Investment?

A company wide management software system is an investment in terms of cost and time. We work closely with the client to maximize return-on-investment and to ensure the fastest and easiest implementation process possible.


The reason that businesses choose SaskSoftware is because we customize and custom develop each system based on each client`s business in terms of management, operation and workflow. This ensures maximum efficiency and minimizes training and disruption to the business.

Equipment and Hardware?

Our management software systems are all cloud based and accessible over the internet from desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones without requiring additional equipment or hardware purchases. All data is stored on a secured cloud environment and is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Size Limitation?

As a fully customizable and configurable system, our systems can grow with your business to any size with any number of employees. Our current clients range from 30 to 3000 employees.

Custom Programming?

As a customized system, we continually work with each of our clients to increase operational efficiency over the life of the system. Over the years, this unique relationship arrangement has saved our clients millions of dollars in administrative and operational costs.

Why Choose Custom Software?

With all the pre-packaged software systems on the market, the first question you may ask is why would you choose to develop your own custom software systems. And while there are many reasons companies choose the custom software solution, we've found the following to be the most common:

Our Development Process



  • Initial Consultation
  • Organization Overview
  • Needs Assessments
  • Project Objectives


  • Project Plan
  • System Architecture
  • Development Schedule
  • Project Budget


  • System Development
  • Interface Design
  • Database Programming
  • Application Programming


  • Progress Updates
  • System Testing
  • Client Feedback
  • Modifications and Changes


  • Final Review
  • Final Modifications


  • Deployment
  • User Training

Project Management

Our project managers are all trained and educated in business management practices, software technologies and project management. Working with the client, our project managers coordinates all elements of the project with programmers, designers, testers and network administrators to bring the project to completion.

Quality Management

All of our software systems go through multiple stages of testing during the development phases, two testing phases with the client and a final live testing stage prior to full deployment and implementation.

Service and Support

All of our systems are on redundant data centres with multiple fail safes and regular backups. Combined with 24/7 technical support, we ensure minimal downtime.



  • Cloud
  • Mobile
  • Private Server


  • MySQL
  • MsSQL
  • PostgreSQL


  • Python
  • PHP
  • Java


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript


  • iOS
  • Android
  • Microsoft

Some of Our Work

Some of Our Work

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